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Experience Fail-Safe Implementation Methodology with The Beyontec

Possibly the most significant challenge faced by insurers is the implementation of tools into already existing systems and operations. With Beyontec, software implementation methodology is a systematically structured approach that effectively integrates tools into your current organization using our extensive experience, technical expertise, and industry best practices.

Insurance software Implementation Methodology

Complete Ownership of Project Implementations

Planning and Mapping

Beyontec conducts a complete gap analysis for every client so the best software solution can be planned and delivered. From our core solution, Beyontec Suite, to our accelerators and platforms, Beyontec will design a complete, end-to-end solution based on client specific processes.

Delivery and Training

Beyontec provides complete system training and user documentation to clients. Our “train-the-trainer” approach prepares key individuals within an organization to support other system users. Support and training are available throughout all implementation phases.

CSA and Launch

Beyontec assists clients in preparing and executing test scenarios through all phases of implementation. Our recommended, end-to-end testing approach guarantees “production” simulations are completed, further strengthening the users’ knowledge of the solution and mitigating possible, future issues.

Case Study

Dubai Insurance adopts digitalization of operations with Beyontec Suite

Dubai Insurance Company (DIC) wanted to capitalise on the changes in the insurance industry and was quick to adopt digital technology solutions from Beyontec to harness the power of automation and to modernise its back-office systems. Beyontec Suite the core insurance solution was embed into DIC’s operations to become more efficient, while enhancing overall customer experience. DIC also implemented Beyontec Suite Motor Module (Underwriting & Claims) and the Motor Fleet portal in its motor insurance business to serve its customers better.

Zamara, a leading insurer in europe adopts Beyontec Suite to automate and streamline business workflows

Zamara was running its business as standalone silos which created collection issues and difficulty in tracking ageing payments, leading to revenue loss or poor revenue forecasting. This impacted overall business efficiency, customer retention and the renewals business. By adopting Beyontec Suite Zamara was able to efficiently integrate process and technology, and respond to our customers better while introducing new products faster.

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